MATRIX Seraph Sunglasses

Matrix Seraph sunglasses have become popular obviously due to the influence of the character within the Matrix films.  As with the other Matrix sunglasses, it is the styling and quality of this range that has captured people’s imagination.

For the uninitiated, in the Matrix, Seraph (played by Collin Chou) in the Matrix films guards the Oracle.  The role was also offered to Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh, but it was Chou who portrayed the character so brilliantly. With the exception of Neo, no entity within the Matrix would be able to defeat Seraph in a one-to-one confrontation. The extent of his appearance within the Matrix films varies, but this is a strong character that alludes to an angel without wings.

matrix seraph

Matrix Seraph

These particular Matrix sunglasses are pretty neat and of a high quality. Frequently found at well over a hundred dollars, it is possible to get them for less than forty from certain online outlets.

The styling of Seraph sunglasses are of a metal frame with smoke lenses. They are shatterproof and the lenses are also scratch resistant (unless you try very hard!). As you would expect from a quality product, you will also get UVA400 and UVB protection. And, in case you have a tendency to sit on your glasses, there is a hard spring loaded case to keep them in when you have to take them off.

Other styles include, Neo, Agent Smith and of course Morpheus. Matrix Morpheus sunglasses look a little quirky. If you have seen them, then you probably already know why … they don’t have any arms! They keep on by the use of a clever silicon nose pads that work surprisingly well. Bungee jumping is not recommended(!), but general speaking you will find that normal daily wear and you’ll be creating a topic for conversation whenever you wear them.

If you have to have prescription sunglasses, then your optician should find it simple to replace the lenses, even with progressive or bifocal lenses. The Matrix sunglasses website reports this has been done with the Neo, Morpheus and Agent Smith styles. No big problem, as they also offer an extended returns guarantee anyway.

If you’re a serious Sepaph Matrix fan, or you just like all the Matrix characters, then you’ll definitely want to get yourself a pair of these Seraph Matrix sunglasses. They would also make a great gift for the Matrix fans you know. Work out their favourite character and buy multiple pairs as it is sometimes possible to get some great deals (currently, buy two get one free as well as Free worldwide shipping).