Olympic Sunglasses – Show Your Support!

Well, it’s finally arrived – London Olympics 2012! Hopefully, the sun will shine and you can show your support by wearing some fabulous olympic sunglasses. From the ‘normal’ to the bizarre, this is a fun way to shade your eyes. However, do be aware that some of these may not protect you from UV rays so be warned!

As it’s Britain, make sure you travel to the events with everything you need. If you don’t want to carry an umbrella, you can buy cheap fold up raincovers for about £2 in most supermarkets. Always carry some water with you in the heat and get yourself some sun screen and a sun hat or knotted hanky! If you are taking children, be extra cautious with them, remember their skin isn’t as tough as yours may be.  It may also be wise to take a photo of your children with you in case they get lost as this may make finding them easier.

At any of these events where there are thousands of people, be hyper vigilant, there will be con artists and pick-pockets around looking to relieve you of your cash, credit cards and mobile phones. That said, don’t be too paranoid just use your common sense.

Wherever you’re watching, at the live events, in the pub, at home, make sure you do it in style. That means red, white, and blues and Union Jack-inspired t-shirts, hats and accessories that you can mix and match to give yourself a seriously cool look.

From LED flashing lights to Union Jacks – the choice as they say is yours!