Video Glasses – Great Functionaility When On the Move!

Virtual video glasses are one of the latest must have gadgets which are great when you are on the move (although it’s not recommended unless you are still!)  Comfort and convenience are their trademark although the visual clarity may not be as great with some of the cheaper pairs, it’s pretty good but never as good as your HD!

These 72″Virtual Video Glasses Eyewear Video Glasses simulate a 72” television screen allowing you to watch anything you want in privacy. The picture is displayed right in front of your eyes as a virtual big screen. The effect is that you feel as though you are watching a 72″ flat screen television, from 2 meters away, in a dark room. They can be connected to any type of DVD Player, Video Game System, iPod Video* and virtually any device that has a video signal output.

Features of this pair include:

  • 72 inch large virtual screen,high quality stereo sound, true dynamic theatre enjoyment
  • Compatible to all Apple i-series products like ipod ,iphone ,ipad
  • Auto powered by ipod/iphone/ipad products and low power consumption
  • Support hot plug and auto display
  • High-tech optical system, anti-vertigo design
  • Light weight, comfortable wearing


Not impressed80" 3D Video Glasses with 4GB Memory and Built-In Multimedia Player by in-flight “entertainment”? Did the jingles performed by your road trip companions get on your last nerve? Soothing tunes of the waiting room of your doctors office making you even more sick? GOOD NEWS!

Now you could watch a movie, show or listen to music while lying in bed, traveling long distance via plane, train or car on a monster 80″ screen with surround sound all just inches from your face. These virtual 2D/3D video glasses are a personal video viewing device with a fashionable design.

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