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An Introduction To Aviator Sunglasses

Although originally introduced in the 30’s for US Air Force pilots, one of the most well known and fashionable type of glasses that are now making a re-appearance in the fashion stakes, are aviators sunglasses.

Commonly seen in the movies, worn by celebrities, pilots, US police and Army personnel, aviators sunglasses remain very popular with many different designer brands now producing their own aviator styles. With their trademark wire frames they now come with several different types and colour lenses.

One of the most popular types of aviators sunglasses have the silver mirrored lenses as worn by the US police and seen in TV series such as C.H.I.P’s and classic 80’s films like Top Gun with Tom Cruise. They do appear to give an element of mystery, intrigue and danger as well as being able to protect the eyes and it is these properties that have made them a strong fashion choice.

The design of aviators sunglasses is ideal for protecting the eyes from all angles against the sun and now come in a variety of coloured lenses that may or may not be polarised. Polarised sunglasses as you may know, block out horizontal light waves to greatly reduce reflection of the sun’s rays, somewhat of a plus for pilots!  As with all sunglasses, one needs to make sure that the sunglasses you buy protect your eyes sufficiently from all UV rays. Although the mirrored lenses are traditionally more popular, it must be noted that mirrored sunglasses are more at risk from getting scratched, but that won’t stop people wearing them!

Electric Bullitt

Nueu Aviator 601

Although not the original aviators that were designed and produced by Ray Ban, there is now a range of superb designer styled aviators sunglasses such as the Electric Bullitt Sunglasses or the Spy Wilshire or the more reasonably priced Nueu Aviator range where you will find some good quality aviators sunglasses at a really good price. Today’s aviator style glasses make a great, noticeable accessory and suit most faces, male or female.

Whether you need sunglasses for sports, driving or leisure, then aviators sunglasses make an excellent choice because of the available range that I’m sure you will be happy with.

Bomb Proof Sunglasses!

Buying bomb-proof sun glasses is no longer science fiction! Grilamid sunglasses are now available in a variety of styles more easily than ever before.

Haymaker sunglasses from Spy are quite special and pretty unique as they are built from bomb proof Grilamid materials.  Grilamid combines safety, strength and fashion detail in a single package and makes for a unique statement!

But what is Grilamid? Simply put, Grilamid is a transparent polyamide that is processed using thermoplastic methods. Amongst the exceptional properties of Grilamid is its lightness, gives good transparency, has high flex fatigue strength, impact resistant and weather resistant, can be coloured and has low flammability and is resistant to chemicals at temperatures and to stress cracking.

The Grilamid used in frames and sunglass lenses, not only has very good optical and mechanical properties, you will find it is also resistant to damage from a large number of normally corrosive chemicals. In addition, Grilamid is resistant to cracking up to at least 23 degrees centigrade after one minute’s exposure from substances such as diesel and petrol fuel, amido sulphuric acid, acetone and butyl acetate to name but a few.

Spy sun glasses are not the only range from the Californian innovators who also produce goggles and apparel that are now made in Italy. It is perhaps no surprise that they introduced these sport inspired Haymaker sun glasses given that the founders are action and motor sports enthusiasts! Uses for these Spy sun glasses are obvious. Not only are they a fashion statement coming from Spy, they will protect your eyes if you work with hazardous materials. We’re not saying a direct and hard blow with a hammer won’t damage them, as it probably may, but debris flying up while you are digging, gardening, skiing, and partaking in other action and motor sports, should not be a problem.

Given the composition of the material, only the genuine designer sunglasses who claim to use Grilamid, will actually use it! If you buy fake designer sunglasses and you need them for safety reasons, it could eventually lead to optical harm as the fakes won’t protect you in the same way. The Haymaker range from Spy sun glasses are built from Grilamid, have 100% UV protection and can be found in a range of colours. There are other “bomb proof” sunglasses around if you want an alternative style, but they can be difficult to find. You will also find some slightly cheaper grilamids from Arctica and Polarlens.